The Trough: Some Links to Snack On


October 21, 2013 by Beatrice Marovich

Killer whales are one of the few species of mammal that appear to experience menopause. Scientists want to know why this trait evolved.

Last week, the 18 foot oarfish that surfaced off the coast of Catalina Island was all over the news. This week, a second one (measuring only 14 feet) has surfaced on the coast of Southern California. These deep sea creatures are seldom spotted from out vantage point on the ocean. Add to this the fact that a rare beaked (“saber toothed”) whale has also surfaced near Southern California: another creature who, it’s thought, is mainly found deep in sub-arctic oceans. What’s driving these rarely-spotted deep sea creatures to the surface?

A small Florida restaurant wants you to know that whatever its patrons don’t eat is being fed to animals at a local farm.

Research into the calcified plaque on the teeth of Neanderthals apparently indicates that they may have snacked on the paste-like, half digested contents of other animals’ stomachs: “a consistency and flavour that is not unlike cream cheese.”

Apparently, if you want to send your stuffed animal on vacation in Japan (and have someone take pictures of it, for you), you can. Over 200 have already participated. Animals must weigh less than 250 grams, and you are responsible for travel arrangements.

Or, if you prefer, you can visit the petting zoo of cyborg animals.

Timothy McGrath argues that the “best” animals are the imaginary ones. Cryptids, that is.

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  1. addisonwoolsey says:

    The cyborg petting zoo reminds me of the Strandbeest (

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