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October 27, 2013 by Beatrice Marovich

The FDA is proposing new rules that would regulate food produced for both companion and farm animals. Food producers would be required to prevent (and address) food borne illnesses. The rules don’t, however, address the use of antibiotics in farm feed.

Following new legislation, wild animals will no longer be allowed in circuses, in England, after 2015.

Anila Muhammad, from the Toronto Chapter of Muslims for Progressive Values, argues that Muslims should reconsider the practice of sacrificing animals for Eid al-Adha. Hira Amin offers a rebuttal and argues, instead, for reform.

Two new interactive apps try to convince children of the value of sleep, by showing them how animals do it.

The possibilities of a moon colony don’t look so good when we start to look at the reaction of moon jellyfish (born on the moon and returned to earth for research purposes) to the shifts in gravity. Apparently the crystals and fluids in the human inner ear function enough like jellyfish graviceptors to make this relevant?

The Plague sweeps through the ecosystems of the American West, infecting small mammals.

“Scent of the ocean” is actually a perfume pumped out by coral animals?


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